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Change minutes stored as a decimal into a fraction of an hour. For instance, if time is stored as 8.15, 8 hours and 15 minutes, this is not very helpful when performing calculations such as a costing analysis; it is better to have the time converted to 8.25, or 8 hours and 25% of one hour.  With the new number, you can multiple it by, for instance ...
How to get the decimal part of a number without any rounding in Excel. This tip allows you to simply remove the whole number, integer, from the number in order to return the decimal portion of the number. To do this, we need to use the TRUNC function inside a small formula. If the number is in cell A1, use this formula to get the decimal part of t ...
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How to get the integer part, the whole number, from a number that has a decimal after it. This does not round the number, this ONLY returns the integer, the non-decimal part of the number. We use the TRUNC function for this. =TRUNC(number) The number argument is usually a cell reference but it can also be a hard-coded number or another function/fo ...
How to Install the Solver Add-In into Excel. Sections: Install Solver Developer Tab Add-In Install Install Solver Go to File > Options. (In Excel 2007, click the Office Button and then Excel Options.) Go to the Add-Ins section. Look to the bottom of the window and next to where it says Manage: make sure you have Excel Add-Ins selected. Click the ...
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Get a formula from a cell using VBA in Excel. This method returns the actual formula instead of the output value. Get the Formula of a Cell into a Macro We use the Formula property for this. To get the formula in cell A1, type this in a macro: Range("A1").Formula I will put MsgBox in front of this line of code so we can see the output in Excel: Msg ...
How to average non-contiguous cells (cells that aren't next to each other) if those cells contain numbers and are greater than 0. The regular AVERAGEIF() function will not work in this case; try it if you don't believe me! Average Non-Contiguous Cells that are Greater than 0 This assumes that you have some cells around your spreadsheet that are no ...
How to pass variables and values to macros. This allows you to get a result from one macro and use it in another macro, whether that result is text, numbers, a cell reference, or whatever you need. This tutorial focuses on the case when you call one macro from another macro. Sections: Create the Macro that Gets the Value Call/Reference the Macro t ...
Perform a lookup on dates and times in Excel: vlookup, hlookup, index/match, any kind of lookup. This tutorial shows you how to accurately use a lookup function on dates/times. This is important because time can be very tricky in Excel and sometimes you get positive results mixed-in with hidden negative results. The VLOOKUP() function will be used ...
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How to prevent a user from closing an Excel workbook. The user won't know what to do! This is a great little prank that will leave your co-worker confused and annoyed. Use with caution ;) To make this work, you will have to install a small macro and make sure the workbook has macros enabled by default. Hit Alt + F11 to go to the VBA Editor. Double ...
How to run a macro when a user does something within the Workbook in Excel, such as opening a workbook, closing a workbook, and other activities that are not specific to a single worksheet. As such, this tutorial differs from the Run a Macro when a User Does Something in the Worksheet in Excel tutorial. In Excel, you can set macros to run when cer ...