20161125_113327The Fondacio CLUBs animates young people through fellowship and activities. (CLUB stands for ‘Community Leaders Unity Building’.) The CLUB meets in Yangon once per month gathering young people of any faith or none to outreach to the under-privileged. They select an organization working with the poor, or orphans, or disabled etc. and find out their current material needs. Children engaged in CLUB activities – learning about caring for their environment by dealing with rubbish well.

rosaThis is Rosa, animating for the first time during a CLUB activity. Rosa lives in Tey Gi village, the home of Green Pastures. For work she weaves the traditional longyi skirts.

The CLUB members donate and ask for donations from their network, buy the gifts and then organize activities for the beneficiaries (e.g. games, songs, useful learning). After the activities the club members meet and reflect on their experience. trainingThe CLUB is an opportunity for young people of different cultures and faiths to come together for a common and shared experience. Their reflection times leads to personal growth for all those who take part.

At the request of local youth and dioceses, Fondacio Myanmar now has a program to expand the CLUB to all 16 dioceses in Myanmar with training and mentoring. To date three more dioceses have been trained, Mandalay, Pathein and Taungyi.