IFF Asia Leadership for Mission Program:

IFFAsia offers 4 specialization programs that are inter-disciplinary which include practical and experiential learning wherein the participants experience both classroom learning and field experience in the form of in-house classes, community visits, social immersion and internship.  The 2 semester live-in program fosters a wide and unique learning environment with diverse inter-cultural exchange.

At the end of the program, participants are required to come up with a Development Action Plan (DAP) to be implemented for two years on the ground adapted to the local context as a concrete application of the accumulated knowledge and skills developed in the program.

A specialization program, offered to young adults, professionals and lay leaders who would like to work towards a renewed Asian Church and society.

Duration: July 2018 – March 2019

Enrollment open till: April 30th, 2018


IFFAsia-Application-Kit-2018Introduction to the Human Formation & Mission Program:

Human Formation & Misson (First semester) of the Certificate Program in Pastoral Leadership and the Certificate Program in Development Leadership is a 4 – month course consisting of two formation tracks namely Human Formation and Mission. All participants of these two Certificate Programs are required to take these Core Courses before doing any of the specialized programs. It is designed to develop the participants’ self- knowledge, sound judgement, as well as provide an avenue for the formation of values.

The Core Courses aim to accompany and mentor young and lay people on their journey of integration, empowering and inviting them to take steps for their growth. It hopes to help each one become self-directed community and project leaders, ready to give themselves in response to the needs of the poor and the church.  Further as they undergo this process of life integration and transformation, participants will be helped to have an understanding of Church, Mission and Commitment that can provoke them to discover their call and mission in life.

The Core Courses will deal with various topics on self-awareness, personal growth and healing; interpersonal relationships; Church History and its Mission, the Asian Churches, Vatican II, Theology of the Laity; and Inter-faith perspectives.


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Please make sure to download it with the Application Form and the Scholarship Application TOGETHER

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