IFF Asia Formation Program

IFFAsia programs foster a wide and unique learning environment with diverse inter-cultural exchange. It is a live-in program and includes practical and experiential learning; both classroom learning and field experience in the form of in-house classes, community visits, social immersion and internship.

At the end of the 1-year program, participants are required to come up with a Development Action Plan (DAP) to be implemented for two years on the ground adapted to the local context as a concrete application of the accumulated knowledge and skills developed in the program.


The program is comprised of two semesters. 1st Semester is about Human Formation & Mission Orientation which will run from January to May. The 2nd Semester is about Social-Pastoral Leadership where the participants will be choosing between two possible specializations. This semester will run from July until December.

The first semester of the IFF Asia program is designed to offer the young and lay a journey of integration to empower and invite them to take steps for their growth, to become self-directed community and project leaders who are equipped to give themselves in response to the needs of the poor and the church.

The process of life integration and transformation (with new insights and understanding of Church, Mission, and Commitment) are geared to enable the emergence of one’s call and mission in life.


-Mission Project

As part of their formation, the participants will be planning, preparing and implementing a 3-week long exposure and immersion in the chosen country in Asia. They will also be advocating for a cause that the participants have chosen.

The Second Semester allows the participants to choose between two specialization programs:


-Development Leadership

This program provides relevant social and academic experience for participants to gain insights into economic and social value creation across a number of sectors/ areas including poverty alleviation, health and sustainability. It aims to equip the participants to become agents of change.


-Pastoral Leadership

The program aims to prepare participants to lead and animate Christian communities in their respective parish or diocese across Asia with a missionary zeal; to become spirit-filled evangelizers and discover new ways of proclaiming the Gospel with renewed joy, courage and “hope-filled commitment.”



Part of this semester is an experiential learning based on their chosen specialization:

-Ministry Internship

Participants will be sent to one of our partner organizations where they will be able to learn through hands-on experience.