• MIGRATION, Refugees and Human Trafficking

Pope Benedict XVI in his message for the 92nd World Day of Migrants and Refugees, 2006, wrote “Migration: a sign of the times”, highlighted the vulnerabilities of migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, and trafficked persons.

The number of international migrants has increased threefold since the 1960s, accounting for over 3% of the global population. This has become a pressing issue for origin and receiving countries, particularly in light of the ongoing refugee crisis in the Middle East, North Africa, and Afghanistan. (IMF Staff Background Paper for the G20 Surveillance Note, Nov 12, 2015).  

Today, more critically than ever, we need to learn about the complexities of migration, respect the dignity of migrants which should not be reduced to mere commodities exchanged & exploited in the global market place.

The Certificate in Development Leadership Specializing in Migration, Refugees and Human Trafficking is aimed to train young adults and professionals to become self-directed social leaders, ready to put themselves in the mission of the church and society, in response to the needs of the migrants and refugees.

This program will introduce participants to the principles and guidelines on human rights & protection of migrants in vulnerable situations. It will enable them to analyze critically the intersections of migration, understand and take on a multi-sectoral, faith-based and ecumenical approach to provide just interventions & services with and for migrants. A specific focus is to facilitate the participants to see through the eyes of migrants.


Facing the prospect of unemployment, working poverty and/or vulnerable forms of employment in which 30 percent of unemployed youth come from urban areas, despite the improvement of the education system and relatively higher percentage of young people who are literate and educated, young people tend to look abroad for better education and employment opportunities (World Employment and Social Outlook – Trends for Youth 2016).

Hence there is a need to mobilize young people’s passion and potentialities in helping the communities to develop and to initiate programs or project that aim to combat poverty in the form of unemployment. To equip oneself to be an agent of change, this course is designed to provide a socially relevant academic experience in order to help students gain in-depth insights into economic and social value creation across a number of sectors/areas including poverty alleviation, health and sustainability.

This course will introduce the fundamentals and practicalities of entrepreneurship development, marketing and micro financing for the organization of small and medium business entitles to reap successes in uplifting the livelihood of societies. Furthermore, it will equip the participants with knowledge and skills in the promotion and development of micro-enterprise, marketing, management and micro-finance. Participants will be taught how to start and operate self-help financing scheme to support new or existing micro-enterprises and other income generating projects of the community.

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