Fondacio Philippines is continuously working and living its theme for this year “ Rebuilding  our  Community” with some of our following activities:

  • Life Transition Group–  Our adult members have an ongoing monthly sessions with Sis. Hazel Suarez, a Cenacle sister, in order to deepen our understanding of our journey as individuals in our midlife years. This also serves as our  on-going formation in this current state of  our lives.  We also welcome friends, who are non-members of Fondacio,  for these  on-going sessions.


  • Young Pro Group – This is a venue for our professional and working members to have sharing group activities together with the few youths or individuals who are still currently studying in different schools.


  • CLUB – it is a monthly evangelization activity of the Young Pro Group for the children of the members of the Family and Life Ministry  of our local parish, the Good Shepherd Cathedral.  It is our way of helping  our local parish to form generation of young workers  in God’s vineyard.

In relation to this, the Fondacio Philippines  is preparing for the “Summer Camp “on June 10-12,2017 with the theme “Disconnect to Reconnect : Journey Toward a New Life”.   It will be one of our big events in  the community with the aim of further evangelizing  more young persons in our community, in our mission area and even those who are outside of our community but are willing to be with us.  We are expecting our main participants to come from YLDC (Youth Leadership Development Center) and from the CLUB.

This will also coincide with the 35th anniversary of Fondacio Philippines, as a community, on June 10, 2017.


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