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Young Lives (formerly known as YLDC) Philippines aims to empower the youth who can not continue on to college because of financial difficulties or have become disinterested with school, but are very much employable and could be formed to develop more positive attitudes towards education and more importantly towards work. The objective is to provide them knowledge, skills and values necessary to make them self-reliant and give them opportunities for a better life.

The program starts with the 13-week Life Skills component.  Life Skills is there to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to become capable and competent candidates for the job or career that the students would like to pursue.

Afterwards, the students will proceed to the Continuing Support. Here, they shall be part of the Young Lives Community where they will guided in choosing their next step from alternate paths:

  1. Proceed to finding a job
  2. Serve as an On-the-Job Trainee or Intern
  3. Develop further specific skills via vocational/technical courses
  4. Develop leadership skills for community building or pastoral workYLDC program - graphic

The program targets out-of-school youth coming from poor families in the Fairview area as well as nearby communities like Payatas.  A minimum qualification is necessary to assure the success of the youth in improving their life.  The requirements are as follows:

  • 17—25 years old
  • High school Level (or ALS Graduate with certificate)
  • Ability to speak conversational English

Young Lives (formerly known as YLDC) was launched May of 2015.  It is house in a facility that was generously lent by the Barangay Captain Greater Fairview and his Council.  Batch 1 started in June 1, 2015; to date, Young Lives is now on its 5th batch.



Please find here our brochure :




YLDC exists to build safe and caring local communities by empowering the young and marginalised towards a positive future for all

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