“Put down into deep water” – Growing in the Call and Planning

IFFAsia, June 26, 2021: Twelve (12) alumni from IFFAsia Batch 12, SY 2019 came together online for a POST FORMATION ACCOMPANIMENT encounter for a second follow-up.
This Post Formation Accompaniment is part of the pastoral care and ministry support offered by IFFAsia to its alumni during their 2 years of internship with their respective sending organizations. This time the alumni reflected and shared on the call of Christ for them this year, 2021, in the area of their personal growth and also for the implementation of their Development Action Plan (DAP).

Here is ‘what’ some of the alumni say in their reflection on what they are called to:

“… always go forward and to happily embrace and experience the things or activities I have never done before.”

-Mom (Cambodia)

“… take risk and be confident that I can contribute some help to those in need.”

-Jecy (Philippines)

“… continue looking into myself and my ability to comfort someone in a difficult situation. I am capable.”

-Salo (Laos)

“… choose to be a joyful Christian in sharing Christ to those I am ministering; finding ways to be a joyful and better evangelist to people around.”

-Linh (Vietnam)

In addition, we had the pleasure of having Bishop Joel Z. Baylon from the Diocese of Legazpi and also the Chairman of IFFAsia to converse with the alumni. He affirmed and inspired them with his message on “Courage”. He acknowledged the current situation of pandemic, the crises in Myanmar and having to face the many newness in ministering to others. He encouraged the alumni to courageously look for ways of sharing; for them to allow the five loaves and two fishes that they received abundantly in their time of formation to multiply now. Adding to that, he also reminded them the importance to “BE STILL”- to observe the situation and specially to know that God holds us in all events of our life.
This is just the beginning, and there is no certainty to what our lives will become. That’s why it is important that we keep following through with our set goals and visions.