IFFAsia Program

Our experience of this pandemic has taught us that the old ways are passing and we need to be equipped to embrace the new. In this current technological age and time, the online medium has become a necessary option to respond to our various needs in spite of the challenges it presents.

Since 2021,  our IFFAsia program incorporate online classes. The program will have 3 parts (Year 1: Online Classes, Year 2: Face-to-face classes, and Post-formation Internship) as shown in the diagram below. 




in your country

Year 1 

(Jan to Jun)




in the Philippines

Year 2 

(Jul to May)




in your country



Year 1: Online Classes

The classes will be scheduled 2 days per week online and will include input, group learning and integration of faith and life.

Participants will receive a certificate at the end of each module.

Year 2: On-Site Classes

Upon satisfactory completion of the online modules in Year  1, participants will be eligible to proceed to the face-to-face classes in Year 2 in the Institute of Formation Fondacio Asia (IFF Asia) , Philippines to complete the program.

Post-formation Internship

Finally, at the end of the year, the participant will present a 2-year Development Action Plan proposal for his or her 2-year post-formation internship in their respective countries.

They will be continuously accompanied until the completion of their DAP implementation. They will then present to IFF Asia the results of their DAP.

For those weak in English, where possible the IFFAsia alumni will be mobilized to support the local learning. 

And finally, those interested in the formation of IFFAsia but with very low English proficiency may contact us for advice too.