Fondacio’s journey began in Asia through the birth of the two communities in Philippines and Malaysia in 1981. The growth during the first decade was through the presence of French members of Fondacio who came to Asia as fulltime lay missionaries. The main orientation during the first decade was the transmission of the Spirituality of Fondacio and the formation of local leaders. Today, we are engaged in youth education and social development projects in Asia.

We have built Youth Leadership and Development Centers (YLDC) across Asia, particularly in the Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia and Vietnam. This is to create opportunities for out-of-school youth who are financially challenged and all those who have the thirst for formation to become competent workers and contributors to society through quality human development and skills training.

We envision the Institute of Formation Fondacio Asia (IFFAsia) as a Hub of formation, a network of Fondacio centers in the Asian region, co-creating with the young people and organizations to form Christian youth and people of other faith, giving them the opportunities to make a difference in the world and the Church by harnessing their spirituality and potential for the common good.

Our mission is to help people live in a more human world


IFFASIA Gathers her Alumni from the Past 15 Years!! IFFAsia and Fondacio Philippines are cheering on for our #Gift 500 to bring love and joy to families-in-need in our neighborhood (Nawasa, Payatas) this Christmas.  Update on donation and number of Christmas baskets...

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Let’s Hope – A song for our Common Home

A beautiful song indeed. Written and performed by IFFAsia Alumni, Felsie Sulip Felix (Malaysia) and Han Thit Terry (Myanmar).This song came about when our students chose to focus on “Caring for our Common Home” or Integral ecology for their Mission...

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KICKSTART 2021: Making 2021 an Awesome-mazing Year

2020 was a giant hurdle for everyone due to the pandemic. No one expected how much it will change the lives we have always known.With the strong current of change in the world, there were moments when we need to simply flow with it. Some of us became victims of the...

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