Every month, a prayer animation, prepared by various countries, to help us journey together towards our International Meeting will be mailed out and posted on our website in three languages (English/French/Spanish). 


Here is the prayer for the Congress:

“… now I call you my friends, for all that I have learned from my Father, I have made known to you.” John 15:15


Jesus’ friendship reveals the love of God which, through His Spirit, is given to every person. Our experience of friendship drawn from the Gospel is a source of life, deeply transforms our relationships and energizes our commitment to the world where everyone becomes a friend.


We bless you, Father, Creator of all life,

Source of everything that is beautiful, good, and true.

You love the world so much that you give us your only Son, Jesus Christ, every day!

Through him, you give back to us our true humanity, our true face.

With him, you call us to build this world according to your love.

In him you show us the way, the truth and life.

We bless you, Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior,

face of the Father, face of humanity.

Put in our hearts the desire to follow you,

the forgiveness that restores,

the hope that your resurrection gives.

Make us witnesses to your light.

We bless you, Holy Spirit, who makes all things new!

You breathe in our hearts words and gestures of love.

Make us docile and faithful to your voice on our human path.

Come and make us sons and daughters of God, brothers and sisters,

workers of peace and justice, happy to serve.

Bless Lord our Fondacio community, on the way to Congress!