Youth are the Hope of our future.

We offer holistic and specialized formation programs for young people locally in Asia and regionally.


As a school of discipleship and mission,
IFF Asia forms young lay leaders to be initiators and actors for the renewal of the Asian Church and Society.

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The institute based in Manila, offers a Certificate in Pastoral Leadership and Masters in Development Leadership, jointly with the Jesuit Xavier University.

YLDC (Youth Leadership & Development Centres) empower the out-of-school youth aged 18-25 who are financially challenged, giving them the chance to become competent workers and community contributors.

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Our Centers empower the youth by providing them holistic education focusing on personal development, leadership and skills training.

Projects Incubation and Supports.

We assist in birthing projects, training and mentoring change agents and future leaders.

Social Development Projects

We create sustainable social impacts through various partnerships and projects development.

Social Development is a pathway to reduce poverty for a brighter future.

We create, encourage and support community development and livelihood  projects  through our network of young alumni and different partners.
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We are present in 9 countries across Asia.

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