YOUNG LIVES Myanmar (Yangon)

The YLDC Yangon is built on the success of the former Youth Leadership Program (YLP)which ran from 2005 to early 2016. In 2005, at the request of Cardinal Bo, Fondacio began the YLP in and for Yangon Archdiocese. The purpose was to form integrated young leaders, equip them with skills, and deepen their faith so that they could be at the service of their families and communities. Some of them continued their formation at IFFA. To-date more than 400 young adults have been formed from all dioceses in Myanmar. All of them are effectively employed in various international NGOs, Companies and Church offices.

Since 2009, the CBCM (Catholic Bishops Conference Myanmar) requested that the formation program be made available to all dioceses.img_0104

Working in collaboration with the National Council for Youth Commissions (NCYC), Fondacio Myanmar is currently offering two modules. First, a Life Skills Module that aims to open up opportunities for young people, particularly the disadvantaged, and get them ready for work. The second module, Youth Leadership forms young leaders to work with other youth in their communities and dioceses. Both of these are parked under the network of YLDCs (Youth Leadership & Development Centers).

42019df6-8022-489d-a032-3c125c2907e5The YLDC/NCYC has to offer students (from outside of Yangon) lodging and food. This adds a different flavor as there is more opportunity for students to experience community life and get involved in activities like the CLUB. Currently the girl students are housed in the community center, and the boys in a rented house nearby. They cook and live together in their respective houses and of course this brings its own challenges – all part of the forming process. Some of the team also live with them and enjoy evening prayer times together.

During both modules the students are encouraged to take part in income generation projects for example card making or T-shirt printing. At the end of the Youth Leadership module all the students are given the opportunity to do some ‘on the job training’ in areas of their choice – flower arranging, or restaurant work Some have even spent some time in the Green Pastures Project.


Young Lives Myanmar (Yangon)

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