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A community of Disciples in Asia going beyond the frontiers, going to the peripheries, in a mission of love and service to the youth, poor, couples & families and integral ecology.

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This symbol of our DNA is at the heart of all activities of Fondacio: 3 dynamics of life. The DNA refers to the unchangeable characteristics of Fondacio that are present since its very beginning and that describes it perfectly. Therefore, the elements of this DNA form the fundamental and inseparable components that inspire the whole offer and actions of Fondacio. In summary, it is a reminder that it is not Fondacio that is at the center but Jesus and His friendship.

Our countries


Fondacio Malaysia, since early 2015, is involved in giving formation and pastoral care to Sabahan and Sarawakian welder-students in the Klang Valley.


Fondacio in the Philippines aims to form young people and families to be rooted in the love of Christ and to be equipped and empowered to do and live the mission in their own realities.



Fondacio has been present in Myanmar since 2000, serving the Church, young people and the poor, consistent with Fondacio’s objective of “going out to the peripheries”.


Fondacio in Laos is based in Vientiane. Since 2016, Young Lives Laos has been working closely with the local church and communities to offer alternative educational opportunities to youth from economically challenged backgrounds.

Presently, we are present in Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar and Laos. Fondacio Asia provides pastoral accompaniment, mentoring, project and technical support to local teams and leaders, communities and projects of each country, creating a network, exchanging learning and mutual support.

Our Programs

Institute of Formation Fondacio Asia

Developing Young Leaders for a Renewed Asian Church and Society – Missionary Disciples for a Changing World!

Young Lives

As Christians for the World, we aim to build safe and caring local communities by empowering the young and marginalized toward a positive future for all.

Our vision

Fondacio Asia is about people and developing leaders!

Go out fearlessly to care for one another, for you are blessed.

Theme of IFFAsia’s Mission Project in Mindoro Oriental, inspired by the words of Pope Francis

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