Fondacio is an international movement based on a Christian community. It was founded 40 years ago in the spirit of the second Vatican Council and the dynamics of openness to the world. People who take part in the life and activities of Fondacio have the will to build a more humane world and the desire to share with others what gives meaning to their lives.

Fondacio is present in more than 20 countries and 4 continents in various contexts and particularly in several countries where Christians are a minority. These situations make us particularly sensitive to the need to take into account the diversity of cultures and beliefs in terms of our commitments.

In every continent, Fondacio engages in various initiatives and projects of development and solidarity. These initiatives witness the Gospel and assist men and women who are in need or marginalised to become the actors of their destiny.

Across the Globe

For years Fondacio has been communicating to the public by presenting its activities by “axis of mission”: young people, couples and families, seniors and elders, leaders in society and the poor and marginalized people. It is a way for everyone to understand and be assured that Fondacio takes everyone into account.


This is one of the core areas of Fondacio, which, through its institutes of formation in 4 continents: IFF Europe, IFF Asia, IFF America, IFF Africa and also through thematic training sessions, training people to act in the world and to find their place.


solidarity-nameThis is the commitment to the world through development projects, volunteering, solidarity projects, towards the most deprived and people suffering exclusion.



spiritual-life-nameThis represents the heart and soul of Fondacio, run by people who develop a spirituality based on friendship with Jesus. They offer throughout the year sessions and highlights to find a spiritual renewal and deepen one’s faith.



personal-development-nameThis is the quest that everyone carries throughout his life path. Knowing oneself better to better direct one’s life: this is a creed in Fondacio for this path to become a way of fulfillment and self-improvement.



relationships-name This is what everyone lives everyday and that is as essential as the air we breathe. To fully develop in our relationships, build friendships, couple life, that is what we offer with appropriate themes responding to today’s issues.