Fondacio Community In Myanmar

Fondacio Myanmar started in 2005, in Yangon.

It is one of Fondacio’s vibrant communities in Asia, as 3 projects are currently deployed in this country responding to different social and economic needs.

  • Young Lives: Young Lives are training centres that welcome under-privileged youth. The purpose is to provide knowledge, skills and values necessary to make them self-reliant and give them more opportunities for a better life.
  • Green Pastures: in a small village close to Mandalay, Fondacio set up a goat-breeding social enterprise which funds the education of the village children and provides extra income for the families doing the goat breeding.
  • CLUBs (Community Leader Unity Building): this project aims at organizing interfaith events in Myanmar to encourage youth from different religions to live in harmony in the country. Each month, they join in an outside action for the benefit of the most vulnerable people in society.

As one of Fondacio motives is “Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders”, the Fondacio Myanmar Team strongly encourages its alumni to take part in these different projects. Thus, all of them are now managed by alumni who are deeply passionate about their development.