Last Saturday, 17th of June 2017, YLDC Philippines’ Batch 5 celebrated the end of the Life Skills program with their recognition! A half a day event in which the students were rewarded with their certificates of completion or participation and were able to give thanks everyone who had supported them.

This marked the end of the Life skills program, that lasted 16 weeks, and the beginning of the Continuing program which will take part for the next 6 months. During this part of the program the students will either go back to their studies, find a job or an OJT, they could also enter a vocational training such as TESDA and they will use this time to work on their Income Generating Projects (IGP). Throughout these 6 months the students will be back in the center at least once a month to go over everything that has happened with the Continuing program officer.

This will allow the students to grow even more than they already have and still be able to rely on YLDC when they need help.


YLDC has a new corporate partner. The kind hearted boss of Arc Docendi (a big Training & Management Consultancy firm), Alexey Rola Cajilig, donated 10 keyboards and a laptop to YLDC PH!! They came during the Recognition day to join and give their gift to YLDC.

We would like to thank you all for the support you have shown the project, the team and the students are very grateful for everything that you have all done for us! We are now looking forward to this new part of the program and thinking ahead to Batch 6 which will start this September!



“My unforgettable experience was when I panicked and fainted during my first impromtu speech.   really hated that moment, but the next day, our facilitator and my classmates were able to motivate me to continue my speech.  It helped me a lot especially speaking in front of many people.” – Janine Gambol (Batch 5 Best in Math)


“I remember, I was interviewed by Ate Nikka in English and I could not answer back in English; but now, I can speak in English and even communicate with foreign teachers.– Bernadette dela Cruz (Batch5 Potential Leader Awardee)



“My plan after YLDC –  I want to study again in TESDA because I want to develop my skills in automotive.  After this, I want to work at SAVI, one of YLDC’s partners in continuing program.” – Isidro Sanogal (Batch’s 5 Most Improved Student)