The Fondacio International Congress has ended last May 11, 2018. It opened new Fondacio’s priorities for the next 5 years across continents. In line with this new milestone, new movements will be expected. New transitions, positions, projects or mission is yet to come.

As to my fellow next generation of leaders, it is a call to be courageous to take up new position or mission and dare to take risks. We are invited to take our space and ownership to the legacy the older generation will be entrusting to us.

Our pioneers had done their part. It is our time to be a new generation of PIONEER who can start new projects or missions or to be an INNOVATOR who can enhance the current projects with the creative touch of the current generation.

We are blessed to have the wisdom of our elders who has been faithful preparing a better path for us. They expertise and experience can help us to be nurtured and trained. Are you ready to be mentored?

This coming July, I am taking my own path as I embark a new mission in Laos. How about you? What path are you taking?

I am blessed to look into the heart of an elder last November 2017 during the Mission Project of IFFAsia students in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is glimpse of the heart of an elder which I wish to share with you. Why do we need to stand up and take ownership?



“A call for the next generation of leaders”

This is the phrase that describes my significant experience during our immersion in the Karen Village at ChiangMai, Thailand. A call from a 74-year old leader to the next generation to continue the mission they started.

I left the Philippines with disturbed heart. I am preparing for another transition for year 2019. I finished my Bachelor’s degree, passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) and currently committed to finished my 3-years contract as a staff. My questions are “What’s next after 2019?” Why opening another door? Aren’t you happy? Honestly, I am joyful in the place I belong today, in Fondacio. However, I would like to consult God if this is still the place of mission for me after 2019.

I carried this concern in the mission project. My heart was finding answers and listening deeply on the few instances of God’s messages. During our immersion in Karen Village, we had time of sharing with the village leader Pati Pulu. It was a spirit-filled experience as I listen to a man with great wisdom learnt from his experience. Among all he shared, I was greatly touched when he challenged as to receive the baton of leadership. He even sang his own composed song in his dialect with a teary-eye on his call to the new generation of leaders. During that time, I was able to touch the heart of an elder. An elder who has great passion in his mission and the same time worried if the next generation is ready to receive this great responsibility. This moment brought me to remember our elders in Fondacio. Are they feeling the same? Are they in fear for the future of the mission? What if no one will receive it? Do their efforts will go in waste? I cannot answer these questions, but I was able to receive the grace of touching the heart of our elders through Pati Pulu.

This beautiful encounter brought deep realizations. First, to recognized and appreciate the hard work of our elders in preparing the better path for us, the new generation. They have done remarkable things. It is worth nurturing whatever they have started. Second, I allow myself to be trained by our elders in their own way and pace. There might be some instances that I will disagree on their ways, but the important thing is to trust and believe that our elders know the best for us. They have bigger reason that I might not able to understand today but soon be revealed in the future. I need to be humble enough to take on the path they will be leading me. Lastly, to commit and take ownership the reality that I am part of the next generation of leaders. I need to take courage to receive it and not to be afraid of the big word COMMITMENT.

For the coming 2018-2019, I am fully committed to be at the service of Fondacio’s missions in any possible way. — feeling motivated.

By Aleona Natalio