JOIN US on 30 November 2018 from 8pm to 10pm

FAST from using electricity and digital gadgets 

for 2 hours

In solidarity with “Fast for the Climate” in the race against global warming and climate change (

Building A More Humane And Just World 

Interconvictionnal fast on the occasion of the opening of the COP24
To fast means to take care of oneself, of others and of our environment.
To take care of ourselves by allowing our bodies and minds the time and focus to revalue life. To take care of others by demonstrating our ability to restrain ourselves for a better distribution of resources. To take care of what some call nature – and others call creation – by showing ourselves able to resist the greed encouraged by our consumer societies.
To fast for the climate means to answer the call by The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and to appeal to citizens and governments during the COP24:         
Yes, we have understood that it is both urgent and possible to act to limit global warming. If it continues to evolve along its current trajectory, global warming in the short term will lead to devastating and irredeemable disruptions for all life on earth.
Yes, we are aware that the consequences of climate change for humanity affect and will affect the most vulnerable populations first and foremost. We all must mobilize to prevent injustices and local violence that are the result of collective irresponsibility.         
Yes, we have a more beautiful ambition than “than saving our own skins”: that the crisis we are experiencing on an unprecedented scale is an opportunity for a positive transformation of our humanity, conscious of belonging to the world, to the story of history, to a community with which we interact for the better and not for the worse.
To fast for the climate is to seize the opportunity to think about how we live in the world and to decide on concrete changes in our way of life (for example, to choose to eat, to move, or to consume differently).
To fast together is to bring together women and men from all walks of life, from religious or non-religious backgrounds, whether activists or not, around an ancestral practice and a common identity: inhabitants of an overheating world, resisting fatal destiny and hoping for a change for the benefit of all.
Fasting for the climate means disregarding our fascination with disaster, bearing witness to the human capacity for change, showing solidarity with one’s own species and all life on earth, and encouraging governments to make climate issues the pivot of their policies.
Let’s meet on Friday, November 30th, Saturday, December 1st, and Sunday, December 2nd, the opening day of COP24. Let us fast one day or more. Let us fast alone or in a group. Let us forgo food or something else (the car, the smartphone, etc.). And why not break our fast with a joyful meal, which celebrates our present and future commitments? Set up and join local fasting events and/or break the fast throughout the world, as listed on this website: