On Saturday 20th May 2017, YLDC and CLUB members participated together to the CLUB’s monthly activity.

In spite of the rude awakening at 5 am, all of us enjoyed taking part in this solidarity day. It was a good opportunity to meet the youth living in St Mart Orphanage, located In Kyayt Tan, in the southern part of Yangon.

We were very impressed and moved by the courage and worship of the 6 nuns who are running this orphanage for so many years… without receiving any support from the State! The Sisters are full of energy and inventiveness. They develop many activities in order to educate the youth and also generate new sources of incomes for the orphanage.

For instance, with the help of the older youth, they created a kitchen garden and an organic farm where they breed chickens. The vegetables and eggs are then used to feed the children. The nuns also launched some livelihood projects and opened, for instance, a little sewing “business”. The money earned, from clothes and veils, is used to carry on their social activity.

Beyond this financial aspect, thanks to this project, the youth can get new skills. The nuns hope that, little by little these future adults will reintegrate into the community, discover themselves and set-out on their life path.

Indeed, many of the children welcomed in St. Mary Orphanage have had a difficult past story. All of them come from poor families and most of them are orphans. But the Sisters are committed to support them until they become fully autonomous. We can feel the strong community spirit in this place.

We wanted to contribute, in our capacity, to this inspiring goal. This is the reason why, after raising a sufficient amount of money, Fondacio community decided to organize an event in this orphanage. The activity was quite simple, as it only consisted in talking, playing and singing songs together, nonetheless we felt the children’s happiness. We also organized treats and made a donation to support the Sisters activities.

Even if the Nuns are running everything on their own, all donations, even small, are more than welcome!

So, if you are interested in supporting CLUBs activities, do not hesitate to contact us!

As all participants, volunteers and beneficiaries, were very happy about this day, we will probably organize another event in the same orphanage next year! 🙂