French Volunteer Day


The YLDC team together with Batch 4 students and the three Fondacio French volunteers participated in the two day French Volunteering event held last October 8, 2016 at the European School of Manila in Paranaque City.

The event is a yearly event celebrated worldwide is held to recognize and appreciate the contributions of French volunteers in the countries and projects they have committed themselves to help and make a difference.This theme for the Manila celebration was “Championing the Spirit of Bayanihan to the Youth.”imgp5690-1


 The YLDC team was welcomed by the same individuals we met in the French sponsored NGO Forum held some two months ago.       It was really nice seeing our students conversing/interviewing some of the French volunteers during the event. In the morning the program started with a Doxology and National anthem by the ERDA Foundation, followed by an inspirational message by Mr. Yves Oberman (French Embassy (COCAC). There were two presentations “Bayanihan sa Makabagon Panahon” by Mr. Patrick Erestain and “Culture of Volunteerism in the Philippines, France and other part of the world” by Remy Hallegouet and Ines-of France Volotaires.

imgp5738-1The fun started in the afternoon when almost everyone participated joined the team building activities in an atmosphere of friendly competition. We also listened to some testimonies from a French and a Filipino volunteer on their experiences on the ground and why they do what they do. It was nice exposing our students to this kind of activities especially since one of our objectives is to bring out the sense of volunteerism in them thru exposures and social responsibility activities.This event did not only open possible partnership with other organizations but also, learning from other volunteers the essence of true volunteerism and of course the fun we had with them.