Goats Breeding with the Five families and how they feel after splited

During December we reached the end of the two year contract with the five families partnering with us for goat breeding.


The goats were split with the families as fairly as possible agreed  by the heads of the families and the education committee. Two of the families are keeping their goats and will wait for the price to rise before selling any of them.

The families who cared best for their goats made more of a success of the breeding project. For us it is perhaps a lesson learnt about how to encourage best practice in terms of care for the goats (or any other animals or produce) in the future. Fondacio reclaimed 75 goats plus  29 from the breeding. Martin made the decision that it would be best to hold on to the goats and continue breeding until the price of goats rises. He hired two young people from the village to be goatherds. This gives these two young people responsibility and a small income. New pens were constructed on church land which will suffice until we have our own land.

The head of one of the families is volunteering for us – looking after the baby goats, doing some night watches and vaccinations.It is great to receive his generous help !

Practical achievements :

  • Family (1) kept 14 goats and he said that he will continue his own goats and he won’t sell anything and also he is happy.
  • Family (4) got 8 goats and he is going to sell and waiting for high price. He said that he is satisfied.