Situation Overview

Myanmar is one of the poorest places in the world. According to the United Nations 2015 Human Development Report, the country is positioned at 148 out of 188 countries and territories. This doesn’t adequately represent the huge divide between rich and poor, particularly the rural people. Yet, since the democratic election of November 2015, new hopes for greater openness and development are emerging.

What is about ?

14462742_317880135238351_8430117232735167085_nGreen pastures is a sustainable livelihood project providing income and inducation for families living in rural Northern Myanmar through the breeding of goats. The aim of this project is to empower the poor to move out of poverty and have access to education.The project is located in Tegyi Village, Sagaing, Shwebo District in Mandalay, Myanmar. Te Gyi is located about 100 kilometers north of Naypyitaw (Myanmar’s capital). The village has no access to electricity or water. Education has taken a back seat as villagers eked out a subsistence life. Children are often expected to help their parents in the fields or are left to fend for themselves whilst their mothers work on the land. Despite it all, Te Gyi villagers strongly believe in a better future and want to make it happen.

Concretely, 5 families in the village have been selected and have been loaned 15 goats each (1 male, 14 females) for 3 years breeding. All income from the goat-breeding will be split: 50% for the family; while the other 50% will be to cover the expenses for the breeding, contribute to provide education to the poor out of school village children and to invest in other livelihood projects. At the end of the 3 years, 15 goats from each family will be passed on to 5 more selected families while the original families will keep 15 goat.


Today, there are 144 goats – an increase by 48! With more expected shortly! As a result, regular daily classes have been set up and 100 children are currently being educated. Children are beginning to experience success in state exams – unheard of previously.

Objectives :

  •  To generate income through goat-breeding for poor families and to enable the families to lift out from poverty.
  • To provide education for out-of-school children, extra tuition for those falling behind in schooling, and free access to books for children and adults in the village.
  • To model a sustainable way of providing livelihood opportunities for the surrounding area.
  •  To develop a sense of community development through values formation and mentoring so that the families can set up projects on their own and totally independently.


no. (881), Aung Zay Ti Street, Sub – Street (2)

10 miles, Inn Sein Township