From Goat Breeding to Educating the Next Generation of Leaders in Myanmar


  Our futur project : Building a Learning Centre

image10The children are currently taught in a dilapidated shack made of bamboo with a roof made of palm leaves. There is no electricity and just a whiteboard serving as a single teaching aid. Building a brick and steel building will give the village a safe and long-term learning space. Our plan is to have two classrooms, an office and a library/media center.

The centre will be constructed using clay bricks made by the village people. The brick-making initiative will also continue into the future, well beyond the Learning Centre – as an income generation project for the villagers and for future investment into education of the children and other projects.

How can you help?
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  • Get Involved : Share your talents! You can also help by raising money for Green Pastures, volunteering in Asia (short or long term) or supporting the project through your employer (e.g. employee match funding)


Your support will help build leaders for the future. Thank you.