YLDC stands for Youth Livelihood and Development Center. It is a training program managed by Fondacio Philippines in partnership with the officials of Brgy. West Fairview. Since 2015, it has sought to provide knowledge, skills and values to the out-of-school and marginalized of Quezon City neighborhoods.

Our goal is to help them become self-confident and self-reliant so that they can integrate into society and become leaders in their communities, and we are now ready to welcome the 10th batch of students.

What is the program?

The program starts with the life skills program, which includes English Speaking and Writing, and Computer Literacy. The course also focuses on values and social responsibility where we teach the students how to interact and behave with others in a responsible way, by helping them develop skills to find their purpose and motivation in life and work in the future. To reach these objectives, we emphasize teamwork and public speaking.

Also, a substantial part of the program is devoted to professional development. The students learn about themselves, and what they’re good at so they understand what would be the most suitable job for them. Then they learn concrete skills and create a career plan, matching their aspirations and abilities. We help them in creating their CVs and conduct job interviews so they can practice. We also rely on our business partners, who frequently come to YLDC to give practical lectures and advice and share their experiences. Our aim is that by undergoing these assessments, lectures and experiences, these will help them be more equipped to secure work opportunities after the program.

But our job does not stop here: it is only the beginning! We provide a continuing program, designed to support the students in following their path and finding job opportunities or internships, and we partner with businesses and organizations that are ready to welcome our graduates.


What’s new in YLDC Philippines?

For our current batch, Batch 10, we have decided to divide the curriculum into modules. Each week will be dedicated to a particular theme, and the students will be able to attend the lectures they are interested in. That will allow us to welcome people who may not wish or afford to attend the full term. We have also added an entrepreneurship module that will take place on couple of days.

We have also decided to expand the program. Aside from the young people in the 18-26 year old age range, we believe that no matter our age, as long as we are open to learn and commit to self-improvement, we should still be given the opportunity and means to grow. And we in YLDC hope to help as many people in need as we can.

After four years, YLDC has trained more than 120 students,  with more than 70% completing the program. We are also very proud that almost two-thirds of the students are women: we truly believe that we have empowered them and made a difference in their lives. Here are some of their thoughts:

YLDC taught me how to set short term and long-term goals that will inspire each day for building myself a brighter future” – Marjorie (Batch 1)

YLDC helped me to know more about myself and realized that I am better now than before. I see the improvement to myself and I am proud to say that I am a part of YLDC batch 3” – Jeremiah (Batch 3)

We are honored to contribute to the fulfillment of so many people who had lost hope and motivation. And thanks to all our mission partners (Collaborators, business partners, donors, volunteer teachers and community members) for making it possible!

If you want to know more about YLDC or be our mission partner (by becoming a resource person/teacher, a business partner or a donor) please feel free to contact us at yldc.ph.fondacio@gmail.com or +63 932 460 2440.

Thank you and God bless!