COY Nova and the Transparochial Youth Organizations Journeying Together

Chances are we don’t know each other!

There are many Youth ministries in a diocese as well as Transparochial Youth Organizations. But few are connected or even aware of that. This sometimes leads to ministry duplication or even clash.

(Transparochial means that its membership is not limited to a single parish)

But the Diocese of Novaliches shows a different story.

Here’s how the COY Nova (Commission on Youth of the Diocese of Novaliches) and the Transparochial Youth Organizations in the Diocese are starting to engage.

First Meeting

The Transparochial Youth Organizations all first met last August 11, 2019. COY Nova and Fr. John Harvey David Bagos (the Diocese’s freshly ordained Youth Director) gathered us to get to know each other and have a dialogue.

Many of us learned about COY Nova’s programs and the 11 present Transparochial organizations’ missions:

  • YFC (Youth for Christ)
  • Chiro Youth Movement
  • Corinthian Youth Movement
  • Gabay sa Pulang Laso
  • The Feast QC
  • OYM (Orione Youth Movement)
  • Claretian Youth Ministry-Philippines Province
  • El Shaddai
  • Vincentian Marian Movement
  • Fondacio

It was refreshing to know that we now have all connections that allow collaboration. Much more, we are excited to know that we can share our gifts and charisms to our Diocese.

Not only that…

COY Nova Anniversary

On August 31, 2019, I attended the 16th anniversary of COY Nova.

I arrived in the big hall of Good Shepherd cathedral hearing COY Nova Coordinator Alloy Peralta inspiring the dynamic youth with his resonating story as a Youth Minister.

I sat beside another Fondacio youth member who is also part of Good Shepherd Cathedral’s Family and Life Ministry, Haidee Dela Cruz. I was also pleased to see there too the youth from other Transparochial organizations like Fondacio.

Fr. Harvey gave a talk before he Introduced the new energetic COY Nova officers with Deo Ponce as the new Coordinator (Congratulations to you all!). It is always beautiful to see young people committing their lives to serve others, the church.

Bp. Roberto Gaa (our new Bishop) concluded the event by presiding the closing mass.

It gives me hope to see how we can all come together. It amplifies our belongingness in the church especially for us who are not lodged under a specific parish.

We hope that this great beginning will bring abundant blessings. May our collective efforts and synergy truly make Jesus’ presence felt in the lives of the youth.

By Angelino “Jason” Chan (Country Coordinator, Fondacio Philippines)