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Fondacio in Asia - Our story

Fondacio’s journey began in Asia through the birth of the two communities Malaysia in 1981 and in Philippines in 1982. The growth during the first decade was through the presence of French members of Fondacio who came to Asia as fulltime lay missionaries. The main orientation during the first decade was the transmission of the Spirituality of Fondacio and the formation of local leaders. Today, we are engaged especially in youth education and social development projects.

Firstly, we envision the Institute of Formation Fondacio Asia (IFFAsia) as a Hub of formation, a network of Fondacio centers in the Asian region. For this purpose, we co-created with the young people and organizations a program to form Christian youth and people of other faith. Above all, we wanted to give them the opportunities to make a difference in the world and the Church by harnessing their spirituality and potential for the common good.

Secondly, we have built Young Lives across Asia, particularly in the Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia and Vietnam. This is to create opportunities for out-of-school youth who are financially challenged, but also for all those who have the thirst for formation. Indeed, we are targeting all those who want to become competent workers and contributors to society through quality human development and skills training.

Our vocation

“Rise up and become yourself with and for others. Led with joy on a path of transformation and service. We are resolutely committed together as agents of change to find solutions to the challenges of our time. As a leaven of hope, we seek to serve humanity and contribute to safeguarding our common home”

Fondacio in Asia - Our Shared Mission

A community of Disciples in Asia going beyond the frontiers, going to the peripheries, in a mission of love and service to the youth, poor, couples and families.


Share our joy, gift of faith, spirituality and God’s Spirit with teenagers, young people to train them as futures leaders

Christians for the world - Logo joy


Face the misery of poor, migrants and marginalized people, to bring them Jesus’ friendship, dignity and a better and meaningful life

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Help couples and families to be touched by God’s love

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Finally, reach our goals, accountability is our life style

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Our purpose is to build a more humane and just world.

Fondacio in Asia - 4 countries


Fondacio Malaysia, since early 2015, is involved in giving formation and pastoral care to Sabahan and Sarawakian welder-students in the Klang Valley.


Fondacio in the Philippines aims to form young people and families to be rooted in the love of Christ and to be equipped and empowered to do and live the mission in their own realities.



Fondacio has been present in Myanmar since 2000, serving the Church, young people and the poor, consistent with Fondacio’s objective of “going out to the peripheries”.


Fondacio in Laos is based in Vientiane. Since 2016, Young Lives Laos has been working closely with the local church and communities to offer alternative educational opportunities to youth from economically challenged backgrounds.

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