Preserve the Burmese tradition and culture by transforming traditional fabrics into contemporary clothing and decorative items.

Youn Sone project

Youn Sone project was created in 2018 to offer training and jobs to disadvantaged young women while promoting traditional skills. Hence, the project supports the creation of ethical and ethnic fashion and decoration. The word¬†YounSone means “colorful” in the Burmese language and expresses Myanmar’s rich diversity of cultures, religions, ethnicities and also traditions.

Our products are made from Longyi, the traditional skirt worn by Myanmar women and men. Many Longyis are hand-woven with unique patterns and colors. In addition, Youn Sone transforms them into contemporary objects for everyday use and enhances these traditional motifs.

Giving Burmese women a future with Youn Sone project

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YounSone was born from the observation that it is not enough to give training to disadvantaged young people but that it is important to allow them access to employment.

Women in Myanmar have even fewer opportunities for education and employment. They are further marginalized. Many of them migrate illegally to work and hold dangerous jobs or become victims of human trafficking.

Youn Sone project trains them and provides them with stable and lasting employment. Some join the team full time and may develop new skills. Others work from home and can care for their families while having a fixed income and avoiding long and costly transportation.

Youn Sone project - Our products


We have designed 3 collections of cushions, each from a different ethnic group in Myanmar. Traditional Kachin, Kayan and Shan motifs are available in a range of sizes and colors to suit any interior.

Kitchen Towels

The kitchen towels are woven and sewn by hand, and designed with an upcycling approach, using scraps of traditional fabrics.


Hand-sewn in Myanmar, these placemats will add a chic, trendy touch to your table!


We wanted to create useful, trendy accessories while optimizing the most of traditional Burmese fabrics. These pouches are made from hand-woven textile scraps.

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