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Since 2026, Young Lives Laos project aims to support the local Church and surrounding communities, with a specific focus on empowering disadvantaged young people. For this purpose, the overall goal is to assist them in creating a brighter future for themselves, their families, and society.

Young Lives Full time Program

The Life Skills Training program is as a six-month module for full-time in-house students. During this time, an applied learning and experiential approach will be used. Learning will be done in stages, with agreed action plans to put learning into practice. For 6 months, there will be a midterm exam for the first three months and a final exam at the end of the program. Furthermore, the students’ grammar will be assessed through the McMillian Quick Placement Test, and a separate oral test, reading test and written test prepared by the Curriculum Development Officer. In addition, they will have a semester-end activity with a certificate signed by Fondacio and the National Youth Director of the Lao Church.

Program YL- Laos

Young Lives Laos Online Program

For Young Lives Online (English), there will be a three-month course syllabus which focuses on Conversational English. This program will be held twice a year in a three-month cycle. Of course, learners are divided into groups based on their level. We also hope to welcome returning students or alumni of the Life Skills program to learn and practice advanced conversational English.

In fact, this pandemic has brought about a new way of learning digitally. Consequently, we realize that there are many youths and pastoral workers who wish to improve their English skills. However, they were not able to attend the in-house formation due to their current undertakings. As a result, the team is always looking more way to expand the reach of our English classes by opening the sessions up to Young Lives Malaysia and Myanmar.

Young Lives Laos - Online program
Young Lives Laos - Beneficiaries football activity

Our beneficiaries

Most importantly, our beneficiaries consist of youth aged 16 to 25. Moreover, the majority are referred to our program by priests and nuns affiliated across the four dioceses. However, we also welcome students from Buddhist and Protestant Christian backgrounds, who are mostly referred by family members, friends, or alumni.

Student criteria for admission to enumerate:

  1. Age: 18-25 years old
  2. Unemployed youth and/or
  3. Out-of-school youth
  4. Proficient in Lao language both oral and written
  5. Motivated to study

    *contribution: 50 kilos of rice (1 sack)

Our Young Lives Laos Graduates

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