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Young Lives Malaysia is a non-profit organization working to create refugee social mobility and integration pathways in Malaysia. For this purpose, we conduct capacity-building programs for refugee youth and adults. We provide foundational courses in English and other specialization programs in media literacy, team entrepreneurship and community development, and refugee teacher training. In one hand, it aims to facilitate multiple entry points for refugees (regardless of life stages and education level). On the other hand, it allows them to upskill and have better outcomes in their work and life.  Our new projects involve digital upskilling of refugee school leavers with an internship matching component and Crossroads, our orientation program for new arrivals. Young Lives also believes that impact can only be attained through collaborations and partnerships. Hence, we work closely with other organizations serving refugees and CBOs.

The mission of Young Lives Malaysia

Young Lives Malaysia’s mission is to empower refugees in Malaysia through education and integration support. So, we focus on providing accessible capacity-building programs for refugee youth and adults, facilitating their social mobility, and enhancing their opportunities for meaningful participation in society. Therefore, our commitment extends to offering foundational English courses, specialized skill development in various fields and innovative initiatives like digital upskilling and orientation programs for new arrivals.

Our goals

  • Enhance Educational Opportunities: Offer foundational courses in English and specialized programs in media literacy, team entrepreneurship, community development, and refugee teacher training.
  • Facilitate Diverse Learning Pathways: Provide tailored educational pathways for refugees at various life stages and education levels, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.
  • Promote Workforce Integration: Launch digital upskilling programs for refugee school leavers, coupled with an internship matching component to ease their transition into the workforce.
  • Support New Arrivals: Implement Crossroads, an orientation program for new refugees, to help them acclimate and integrate into their new environment effectively.
  • Foster Community Development: Encourage community engagement and development among refugees, helping them build strong, supportive networks.

Our vision

“Stand up and become yourself!”
Co-creating a world where all refugees are empowered to seek a better life and achieve their dreams.

Our different programs in Kuala Lumpur

1. Crossroads

Crossroads is a transformative initiative dedicated to empowering youth refugee participants on their journey towards becoming their best selves. Our mission is to facilitate a seamless transition into their new community by offering an information-packed survival kit. This kit is designed to rekindle dreams, enhance financial literacy. In addition, it provides also access to comprehensive healthcare (both mental and physical), and offer language-learning resources.

2. English Language Bootcamp

The English Language Bootcamp is an intensive and supportive program designed to empower young refugees with essential English language skills. This immersive and engaging bootcamp is tailored for children who have experienced displacement. It focuses on building foundational language proficiency through interactive activities, games, and goes beyond traditional teaching methods. For this, it integrates personal development components.


3. Media Literacy Workshop

Our Media Literacy Workshop is a dynamic and engaging experience that combines the excitement of movie appreciation, the art of critique, and the hands-on development of videography skills. Participants will explore the world of storytelling through film. They will also learn to analyze and appreciate cinematic techniques while gaining the tools to express their own narratives through videography. This empowering workshop not only enhances media literacy but also serves as a platform for self-expression, creativity, and cultural exchange.


4. Teachers training

This workshop is designed to empower teachers with effective strategies and resources tailored to the unique challenges of working with refugee students. Through interactive sessions, participants will delve into culturally sensitive teaching methods, lesson planning, and classroom management techniques that foster inclusivity and engagement. Our goal is to equip refugee teachers with the tools and confidence needed. Indeed, it creates an enriching educational environment that nurtures the academic and emotional well-being of their students.

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