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One of the most significant challenge in Laos is its educational system. Many young people and their families prioritize entering the workforce quickly instead of pursuing longer-term education. As a result, this behavior reinforces the importance of holistic and focused training programs. In Laos, our Fondacio program is designed to include not only technical skills but also essential soft skills, we have observed an increase in the market value of our graduates.

However, convincing the younger generations to commit to education and contribute to the development of the country remains an ongoing challenge. Through our formation and development modules, we are actively working to address this issue. We will foster our students. In addition, they will learn the sense of civic responsibility and concern for social issues. This approach encourages them to broaden their perspectives beyond the immediate financial needs of their families, and to proactively contribute to society.


Our project and our objectives in Fondacio Laos

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Fondacio in Laos is based in Vientiane, Young Lives Laos has been working closely with the local church and communities to offer alternative educational opportunities to youth from economically challenged backgrounds.

Since 2016, the project was launched through a close partnership with the Laotian church, aiming to provide comprehensive life skills training and personal and professional development to youth within the parish networks. This project is intentionally structured to support the local Church and surrounding communities, with a specific focus on empowering disadvantaged young people. The overall goal is to assist them in creating a brighter future for themselves, their families, and society.

Since its launch in 2016, Young Lives’ general program has been providing life skills to young people, mainly to increase their chances for employment, as well as to identify and train future leaders to prepare for service to their communities and hometowns, with the following objectives:

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To upskill economically disadvantaged youth within the local community


To establish a support system and network to empower alumni in their pursuit of higher education or further training


To develop future cohorts of capable leaders for the local communities and church

Additionally, we have kickstarted a scholarship program that connects our alumni to relevant scholarships offered by different congregations. While our general program was designed to provide formation and training to youth in order to improve their livelihoods, we also recognize the growing demand for well-educated and professionally trained labor due to the shortage of skilled workers in the country. This scholarship program capitalizes on the gap by offering our alumni the means to graduate from reputable institutions. Consequently, they access a wider range of employment opportunities.

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Young Lives welcomes the marginalised of the nearby areas, offering them a free life skills training program, as well as a continuing support. Initially, the curriculum included a 3 to 4 months full-time session.

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