Journey together with the young adults from different faith to care and respond to the needs of the people from different social realities

Community Leadership Unity Program (Club) outreach activity

Community Leadership Unity Building, what is CLUB?

CLUB (Community Leadership Unity Building) started with the Myanmar team in July 2012. It is a Fondacio Myanmar project primarily focused on humanitarian aid for the elderly and poorest of the poor. For this purpose, we vision the Fondacio Club as a group of young adults from different religious background responding the social realities as they experience the community life.

Firstly, the core team connects with an organization caring for the marginalized, maybe an orphanage or home for the elderly or disabled and organizes an outreach. Secondly, in dialogue with the organization, they collect personal donations from their network to provide something that is needed e.g. rice, fans, materials, etc.

Generally, the outreach normally involves some animation like singing, games, etc. In fact anything to lift the spirits of the people they are encountering. After each outreach, the team organizes a short time of reflection and sharing, as a response to their collective encounter. As a matter of fact, this is much needed in a country affected by on-going religious tensions and violence. The success of the project is probably its simplicity.

Mission of CLUB (Community Leadership Unity Building)

Our mission is to journey together with the young adults from different faith to care respond to the needs of the people from different social realities.

The synergy between the Community Leadership Unity Building and Young Lives


Despite prevailing ethnic and religious conflicts, we will continue to propose the Inter-Faith CLUB activities and expand it into new townships and dioceses. There is also the on-going Peace education within the Youth Leadership program. Moreover, annually, we will organize Inter-Faith Camps for the young to give them a platform to engage their voices in building the nation. In response to the urgent ecological crisis, the program will also include climate change awareness and care for the environment.

Therefore, we see the synergy between engaging in Inter-Faith with the young, offering Life Skills, Leadership and integrated Livelihood. Furthermore, we connect them to on-going Education and Markets by working with entrepreneurs, professionals and business persons.

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