Last April 10, 2021 evening the Long Term Committed members of Fondacio Philippines had an impromptu meet up with the Long Term Committed Members of France who were then having their National Retreat. It had been a joyous, short but meaningful meet up to live communion between the two countries.

What is a "Long Term Committed Member"?

Long Term Committed Members of Fondacio are members of Fondacio who after several years of being committed to Fondacio (at least 7 years of membership) felt the call to commit themselves publicly for an indefinite period of time (which may be a lifetime commitment) to this cell of the Church, which is Fondacio. 
This commitment means to follow Christ, to become more fully the Child of God one is meant to be, and to be witness of Christ through this particular family that is Fondacio.
There are three (3) dimensions of the commitment which Fondacio has translated in the perspective and spirituality of Fondacio, being a lay community:
  • Relationship to God (Obedience): Docility and fidelity to the Spirit
  • Human relationship (Chastity): Love and authentic relationship
  • Possession (Poverty): Sobriety of life, abandonment to God and Solidarity
For Fondacio, the existence of members who are ready to take up this long-term commitment represents a human capital which allows it to make long term plans for the future. 
They will ensure the continuity of Fondacio, providing solidarity and stability; it can now identify the people on who Fondacio can especially rely on.

Fondacio Philippines' Long Term Committed Members

In May 7, 2006, Fondacio Philippines had welcomed 8 members- 3 couples & 2 single women- (in the persons of Bong & Becky Garces, Manny and Betty San Luis, Churchill & Elvie Salaver, Baby Ramirez and Norma Manalili) who committed themselves publicly during the occasion of the inauguration of the Institute of Formation Fondacio Asia (IFFAsia). 
As of today, 5 of them remained committed for Long Term (Elvie and Chill have passed away while Norma opted to leave due to inability to remain active in Fondacio because of her other commitments).