Critical Thinking Module

In embracing the new, the Institute of Formation Fondacio Asia has started the first part of the formation experience, with an alternative approach to support a systematic path of learning and development, which are online classes, from March to December 2021. 
Critical Thinking Module, the first online module, was held from March 18 – Apr 15, with 15 participants from Cambodia, East Timor, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal and the Philippines.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

– Albert Einstein

The module was designed to assist participants to become a more confident, creative and proactive critical thinker. To examine and improve thought processes, ask the suitable questions, challenge assumptions and consider varying viewpoints. It demonstrated how critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making work optimally together, and provided hands-on practice with tools that the participants could apply to their everyday workday tasks.
The 2-hour sessions on Thursdays were for inputs with structured learning exercises while the 2-hour sessions on Tuesdays were for follow-up activities and assignments (group learning).
Here are some sharing from the participants after completing the module:

“I used to jump into conclusion quickly before, however now I try my best to analyze from all the angle possible and respect others feeling and try to give chance to others as well.”


“For me, this lesson is very useful in my life. So that, I can use it. I can share this lesson with other person or some community. I really hope to share because sharing is learning.”


“I’ve got to know my strengths and weaknesses. I can say that in 4 weeks here in IFFASIA there are improvements in me little by little. Aside from the input, I also learned to value my strengths, to value what I have. And trying to face my fear and weaknesses. Another thing that I am happy about is that I have more confidence now in speaking english infront of people unlike before…I can freely express myself and thoughts with my co-participants because I know that there are no judgements… I am in the process of improving myself.”


“I have learned and I want to be active studying , to improve memory and never delay my planned study time.”


“Before I’m so shy to speak out my insight and opinion but little by little I am comfortable and positive to express my ideas and opinions. I’m happy also to be part of this online program due to the fact that my communication skills boosting and enhancing.”