Beneath the surface

Fondacio Philippines’ Weekend Retreat

Beneath the surface – How are you uniquely called? What does it mean to commit your life to Christ? How do we grow in love of God and neighbor?

35 participants coming from as far as Pampanga gathered at Radio Veritas Asia Compound in Fairview, Quezon City. They attended the 3-day weekend retreat last October 25-27, 2019. This retreat entitled “Journey Towards a New Life” was facilitated by the Fondacio Philippines community. It helps the participants rediscover their encounters with Christ.

This Weekend Retreat Beneath the surface gave the community a chance to gather as we all prepare for the retreat through our various services/ committees. This retreat also provided the opportunity for the youth sector of Fondacio to step up and take more responsibilities in facilitating the retreat.

The participants shared their faith journeys and talked about their ‘crazy dreams’. They also heard personal testimonies from the facilitators. Then, they enjoyed their solitude time with God and witnessed a compelling mime that reflects the story of our lives.

Attending this retreat deeply influenced my spiritual path too, even as a facilitator. It has taught me valuable lessons and helped me evaluate my intention to mediate toward a deeper level of commitment to my spiritual growth. It has also opened up my eyes to focus on the beauty in life and reconnect with the goodness in God’s creation.

Come and join for the next Journey Towards a New Life retreat in October. Just contact Jason (0933 817 4024) to register!

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