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Inclusiveness, Localization, and Innovation. These are the principles of the learning process we are starting this August. We call it “Shared Journey of Transformation.”

We aim to become an inclusive, localized and innovative community of disciples witnessing God’s Kingdom in Asia, with appropriate structures and resources to drive the mission.

Initially, we wanted to provide training skills needed by our project teams.

Yet, we cannot look at skills alone. We also need to reflect on how we are organized, how we work, make decisions and learn together.

We also realized the need to be more inclusive. Not to limit it to our staff and leaders. Instead, open it to the old and young and to people engaged with us in different ways.

What is this Shared Journey of Transformation?

This Shared Journey of Transformation is a year-long learning process for Fondacio Asia’s staff, members, alumni, volunteers and friends.

Through this, we aim to:

  • find new ways of being a community and sustaining our missions,
  • renew our faith-vision and communion (aligned with a larger cause), and
  • Continue to root our identity and mission in our Asian context and local Churches.

It is comprised of 5 phases.

We will use different tools and processes to adapt to our current situation such as online workshops and sharing in small groups.

There will be quarterly regional assemblies as well where we can meet others in the journey from Fondacio’s different missions and communities.

Together with these are times of solitude and silence to help integrate our learnings into our daily lives and bring spiritual deepening.

Asian Leadership Team’s recent meeting

In order to prepare and lead this training process, we established the Asian Leadership team.

It is comprised of 12 members who are taking leadership roles in their respective communities or missions. Moreover, we are proud that the majority of them are youth.

Our facilitator Kuya Charles, who is also our former Regional coordinator, guides us through this process despite his busy schedule. Hence, in our 2nd Zoom meeting last July 16, we reflected on 3 questions in implementing this process:

  1. Why must we be Inclusive?
  2. Why is localization important?
  3. How to encourage Innovation?

To summarize we took Jesus as a model of inclusiveness, Innovation, and communion. On how he challenged the status quo that oppresses the least, the lost and the little. Through this, he brings healing and welcomes everyone to God’s kingdom.

Join the Journey now!

To our members, staff, and friends, we are inviting ALL of you to join us in this Shared Journey of Transformation!

In conclusion, this is for everyone who are called to take a step towards a renewed commitment to contribute to building God’s kingdom through our personal lives, missions/ professions and initiatives.

More information will be shared with you by your respective coordinators or project leaders.

We’re looking forward to journey with you!

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