Community Prayer – Young Lives Myitkyina

One spirit, one community

Community Prayer YoungLives MyitKyina: Young Lives team and batch leaders came together to pray for the current pandemic at the community center.

They had praise and worship in one heart as a Fondacio family. They shared about their lives during this pandemic; on how they are suffering and thriving to live.


“This praise and worship take my worries away. I feel heavy deep down in my heart for not having a good relationship with God. Now, I feel delighted when I am in this community. ” said G Nu Ra.

Patrick, Young Lives Myitkyina’s project coordinator, encouraged everyone to have a good relationship with God. He added, “We, as a family, have to help each other, especially during this difficult time.

Despite their difficulties, they all came together to pray for each other and for the world. They persist to make things right and never give up on God as young people.

Indeed, this is a challenging time. But there are also blessings in times like this Community Prayer YoungLives MyitKyina.

As Jeff Bridges quoted, “Appreciate the struggles as opportunities to wake up.”

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