Learnings from 2020

Despite the challenges we faced this year, it is still a blessing.
Here are some sharing from our members talking about their learnings 2020 Fondacio Asia:
Roslyn (an Intern of Young Lives Myitkyina) shares how she overcame her overthinking which made the year challenging for her.

Roslyn, Young Lives Myitkyina

Virgini, Young Lives Yangon

Virgini (Young Lives Yangon Staff) expressed how this year’s challenges made their family stronger.

Jecy, IFFAsia alumni

Jecy (Alumni IFFAsia) shares that 2020 was the year she needed. It is the year that thought her to slow down, to never take life for granted, and to love deeper.

Imelda, IFFAsia Formation Team

Imelda (Member of IFFasia’s Formation Team) shares how she learned to adapt to the situations and find hope wherever life brings her.

Joseph, IFFAsia Alumni

Joseph (Alumni of IFFasia) shares how he discovered and nurtured his relationship with God.

Melo, Fondacio Asia Staff

Melo (Fondacio Asia Staff) tells us she learned to Be contented, happy, grateful for all the blessings she has and to trust and believe in God’s protection

Jason, Fondacio Philippines

Jason (Country Coordinator of Fondacio Philippines) expressed that this year has taught him how to care of and love himself better.

Roger, Fondacio Myanmar

Roger (Country Coordinator of Fondacio Myanmar) shared how he finds blessings in the difficult and painful situations too.

We thank some of our members who shared their stories and their learnings from this year. No, it was not a typical year and there are many moments that it had been challenging as well.
But if we take time to review how we have lived through this year, surely you’ll find many gems along the way.
20/20 usually means our eyes has clear vision. Maybe that is exactly what this year has done to our lives. To give clarity for us to see what truly matters most.

What about you? What has been your most important learning from this year? Maybe you just need to look again so you may see the blessings from this year.

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