Send-off Mass & Missioning IFFAsia (IFF Asia S.Y. 2020)

Our First Promotion Event

The year 2020 has truly been a remarkable year.
In this year the COVID-19 crisis became our teacher, taking us out of our norms and bringing out new abilities and capacities from each of us to respond to these times.
Thus, despite the restrictions caused by this crisis, the Sendoff Mass IFFAsia 2020 and Missioning for the participants of the School Year 2020 was streamed online on November 27, 2020.
We are thankful for our attendees in person mainly from the residential clergy inside Radio Veritas Asia compound together with all our online viewers from within the Philippines and overseas too.
The theme for the Mass was “You are the salt of the earth; you are the light of the world.”

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Bring out the beauty in people

Most Rev. Bishop Roberto Gaa, D.D. of the Diocese of Novaliches was our main presider for this Sendoff Mass IFFAsia 2020.

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In his Homily, he reminded us, especially our participants, that as they go back to their countries to serve their church and community, to remember two things:
First, that as salt and light, they must keep their fervor in serving others and their authentic relationship with God.
Another is for them not to be too salty nor give off too much light. As he mentioned, when the food is too salty, we no longer taste and appreciate the meat or the vegetable, rather the salt overpowers everything making it distasteful. Nor should they also shine by themselves or grab attention, otherwise they will shine so much to a point of blinding the others.
Instead, as salt and light, they must remember that the salt is meant to bring out the best taste from the meat and vegetables and not substitute it. Same is with light, shining their light for the others should help the others see their color and beauty to be enjoyed and share with others. They too should help bring out the best in others, to help others shine their light too.
Sometimes we have to step back so we can listen, to see how best to bring out the best in others understand people, see how they work, how to bring out the beauty and best in people. When you see people working with you, collaborating with you then your work is done.

We are grateful

This year was possible, in spite of the challenges, because of the support from our resource persons, partners and collaborators too.
The IFFAsia team and participants are thankful for the creative efforts of our many resource persons who rised up to the challenges of online sessions.
We are also happy for our friends and partners who were present with us online to celebrate this successful completion of the formation for the year 2020. Your encouraging words and passionate messages on the Facebook live have been very affirming. It is a joy to know that people from afar could come together during this memorable event. Your support inspires and sustains us too.
Here are some comments from our virtual guests from all around the world:

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